5 Tips to Building Your Perfect Skin Care Routine

May 14, 2021

You think these horrors only happen during adolescence. But in reality, breakouts appear at any age. Studies show that the skin responds to daily stress due to a person’s environment – air pollution, smoking, and sleep deprivation to name a few. 1 To prevent and maintain clear skin, you need to build your perfect skin care routine.

Know your skin type. There are 5 basic skin types. Normal skin is not too dry or too oily with barely visible pores. Dry skin may feel rough and scaly, especially if it is very dry. Oily skin may have big pores, a complexion with sheen due to excess oil, and blackheads/pimples. A combination skin type may have a mix of two skin types. (It could be dry and normal, normal and oily, etc.) And lastly, sensitive skin may look red with a burning or itching sensation. Knowing what your skin type will give you better options on what skincare product to use. 2

Clean. Bathing will not remove all dirt and grime from your face. Set aside a cleaning time, preferably at night. Remove makeup with lukewarm water and a gentle facial cleanser. Clean the face, jawline, and neck as well. Don’t air-dry your face as it could lead to dry, itchy skin. Pat away excess water with a soft towel. 3

Tone. Decades ago, toners were known to be alcohol-based and stung the face when applied. Nowadays, many toning products are water-based. It brings the skin’s pH levels to normalcy immediately after cleansing. It can also help the pores temporarily look smaller due to a momentary tightening effect on the skin. 4

Moisturize. Did you know that all skin types need at least some type of moisture to avoid dry, flaky skin? If you are fond of hot baths,exfoliate often, or spend a lot of time in the showers, it strips the skin of much needed moisture and oils. Always moisturize to reduce possible skin problems related to dryness and/or oiliness. 5

Take supplements. Vitamins and antioxidants help improve skin texture, appearance, and elasticity. Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that gives skin-protective effects. It further improves dermal health by reducing wrinkles formation and helps treat skin diseases such pruritus and excessive dryness. 6

Maintaining a healthy beauty routine is a   must for both men and women. But never discount the adage that radiant beauty comes from within. Vitamins and natural supplements are a great way to   complement a good skin care regimen.

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